What is an "Imrama" or "Imram"?

What is an Imram/Imrama?

An "imram" is a term used in Irish literature to refer to a genre of early Irish sea voyage tales and often incorporates mythical or otherworldly elements. The word "imram" itself translates to "rowing about" or "rowing around" in Irish. These tales typically describe mythical or legendary voyages undertaken by Irish heroes or saints, where one seeks knowledge, divine blessings, or a deeper understanding of the world.

As you prepare to embark on your own Imrama, you will experience a voyage of wonder, where the tides of mysticism and feminine power intertwine.

Picture this: a sturdy vessel, bobbing on the emerald waves, guided by a courageous heroine, the embodiment of the divine feminine. As a priestess, I am drawn to the tales of Imrama like a moth to a flame. These enchanting stories whisk us away to distant shores, where legends are born, and destiny is woven.

An Imrama is not your average sea voyage, my dear ones. It is a celestial odyssey, a pilgrimage of the soul, cloaked in the guise of an earthly adventure.

There are many forms this journey can unfold. It can take the form of travel, exploring new places that gift you with new perspectives, and bless you with rich wisdom. It may be an inner calling - your soul asking you to try something new along your spiritual path and enrich your knowledge. Perhaps, it can also be a combination of both: a need to travel to sacred places, where your soul is seeking answers, or even feel “at home”. Places your soul once visited and is longing for a reconnection with their energy.

How to Follow Your Own Path?

You may ask yourself, with so many options to start a journey, how do you know which one is right for you? The answer to this question is very personal and the best way to find out is to listen to your soul - follow your intuition. Your heart is telling you where life takes you next, you just need to listen with an open mind. Leave your fear and your “What ifs” behind and trust the love that guides your soul.

How to do an Irama?

This voyage of the soul can by your very own Imrama. You will navigate the mythic seas and embark on a profound quest of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Here is how it might transpire:

1. Surrendering to the Call:

The first step in undertaking your personal Imrama is to listen intently to the whispers of the Otherworld. The call may come in dreams, synchronicities, or deep meditative states. Open yourself to the signs and symbols that the spirits offer, for they hold the key to unlocking the door to your unique voyage.

2. Setting Intentions and Preparing:

Before setting sail, it is vital to set clear intentions for your Imrama. Reflect on what you seek to discover, heal, or understand. Create a sacred space to honor your intentions and gather the tools and provisions you may need on your journey—ritual objects, journals, herbs, and divination tools. This preparation serves as an anchor to the physical realm as you navigate the mystical waters.

3. Connecting with the Ancestors and Guides:

You are intimately connected with the wisdom of the ancestors and the spirit allies that walk beside you. Establish a profound connection with your ancestral lineage and spirit guides. Seek their guidance and protection as you venture into the realms of the Imrama. Call upon their wisdom and support to guide your way through the unknown.

4. Communing with Nature:

The natural world holds profound wisdom and serves as a gateway to the spiritual realms. Immerse yourself in nature—walk barefoot on the earth, bathe in the cleansing waters, and listen to the whispers of the wind. Engage in rituals and ceremonies that honor the elements and the spirits of the land. Through communion with nature, you attune yourself to the harmonies of the cosmos.

5. Opening the Gates:

In your Imrama, you will encounter liminal spaces, thresholds between worlds. Rituals and ceremonies can help you open these gates, allowing you to access the deeper realms of consciousness. Utilize practices such as drumming, chanting, or guided meditation to enter altered states of awareness. With focused intention, visualize the veil lifting, enabling you to journey into the numinous realms.

6. Embracing Challenges and Transformation:

As you navigate your Imrama, expect challenges and trials. They are the crucible through which transformation emerges. Face your fears, doubts, and shadows with courage and humility. Embrace the lessons they offer and recognize that growth often arises from the depths of adversity. Trust in the guidance of your spirit allies and the wisdom of the ancient ones.

7. Integration and Reflection:

As your Imrama nears its conclusion, it is crucial to integrate the insights and experiences gained on your journey. Engage in reflective practices—meditation, journaling, or creative expression—to anchor the wisdom you have acquired. Honor the transformation that has taken place within you and express gratitude to the spirits and guides who accompanied you on your voyage.

The path of the Imrama is a sacred pilgrimage—a personal quest that carries the echoes of ancient wisdom. As you venture forth, remember that the voyage itself holds profound significance. Embrace the challenges, surrender to the mysteries, and honor the transformations that unfold along the way. May your Imrama bring you closer to your true essence and deepen your connection to the spirit realms.

Fair winds and blessed journeys on your personal Imrama! If you’re curious to explore what your own Imrama experience could be like, join us for the next Feminine Code Ceremony where we dive into the depths.


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