What Really Happened to the Divine Feminine?

The divine feminine, a force that has ebbed and flowed through the ages, once held a place of honor in the heart of human spirituality and society. Its gradual dimming is a tale of loss but also a beacon calling for rejuvenation and balance. As we peel back the layers of history, we uncover the pivotal moments that led to its overshadowing and envision a path toward its empowerment.

The Divine Feminine Through Time

Long before the dominance of patriarchal structures, societies across the globe revered the divine feminine through the worship of goddesses that represented the myriad aspects of life, nature, and the cosmos. These deities were seen not just as symbols but as essential forces sustaining life and guiding wisdom.

Goddesses from Around the World

In the rich pantheon of spiritual dieties, cultures far and wide celebrated the feminine divine. The Greeks honored Demeter, the goddess of harvest and fertility, whose love for her daughter Persephone embodied the maternal bond and the cycle of life and death. In the Norse tradition, Freyja, a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, was also a fierce warrior and seer, embodying the multifaceted nature of the divine feminine. There is Goddess Lakshmi in the Hindu tradition and Mesopotamian Inanna, and Babylonian Ishtar.

These, and countless other goddesses, underscored a universal recognition of the feminine’s integral roles as creators, nurturers, and wisdom keepers. The reverence for the divine feminine shaped societies in which women's natural qualities were celebrated and their sacredness was inherent.

The Shift Under Church Influence

The transition from a matriarchal to a patriarchal society, particularly in the context of religious changes, is marked by the marginalization and suppression of the divine feminine, as prevailing patriarchal structures sought to establish male-dominated religious narratives and institutions, contributing to the shift in societal power dynamics.

With the rise of the Western religion, a profound shift occurred that distanced society from the divine feminine. The narrative that emerged was one of marginalization and suppression, focusing on sin and casting women into roles that limited their expression and power. This shift was not merely a change in spiritual focus but a strategic move to consolidate power within a patriarchal hierarchy.

From Celebration to Suppression

The transformation of key female figures into monolithic symbols of purity or sin represented a deliberate effort to erase the complex and powerful representations of womanhood. This suppression extended beyond spiritual figures, affecting the societal role of women and their connection to the divine.

The Witch Trials: A Dark Chapter

A stark manifestation of this suppression was the witch trials, a period marked by fear, persecution, and the loss of women's wisdom. Accused of heresy and witchcraft, countless individuals, primarily women, faced brutal punishment. This era sought not only to eliminate those who practiced traditional healing and held ancient knowledge but also to instill a deep-seated division between women and their innate power. Activities such as herbalism, midwifery, and living in tune with the seasons, were a potential death sentence during the time.

Colonialism's Impact on the Divine Feminine

The spread of colonialism further severed the connections to the divine feminine, as indigenous cultures around the world were dismantled. These cultures often held a balanced view of the divine masculine and divine feminine, living in harmony with the earth and honoring the cycles of life. The loss of these traditions marked a profound disconnection from the sacred feminine and its nurturing, life-giving wisdom.

How to Rise the Divine Feminine

There are many ways that we can raise the divine feminine in our world and within ourselves. Here as some of the ways.

Reconnect with Nature and the Cycles

To rekindle the divine feminine, we must first forge a deeper connection with nature and its cycles. Recognizing the sacredness of the earth and aligning ourselves with its rhythms can begin to heal the rifts within and around us. This reconnection offers a wellspring of inspiration for women to lead groups, projects and businesses that nurture their communities and the planet.

If you're interested in learning how to reconnect with your divine feminine and let yourself be guided by nature's wisdom and her cycles, I've created The Sacred Spiral. This year-and-a-day Priestess Journey follows the Wheel of The Year, the elements, the directions, and the seasons, helping you awaken the spark that is innately yours. You can thrive when you awaken your connection with nature and the sacred.

Honoring the Divine Feminine

Empowering the divine feminine also requires us to challenge and rewrite the narratives that have confined women. By celebrating the divine feminine with all of her experiences and qualities, we can create a more inclusive and holistic society. This journey is collective, requiring us to weave a new narrative that honors balance, respect, and reverence for the feminine in all her expressions.

When we support and empower women to thrive, encouraging them to venture into the world and create the projects they are destined for, magic happens.

The revival of the divine feminine is more than a call to remember; it is an active engagement in reclaiming the sacred within our lives and our societies. It invites us to live in harmony with the natural world, to honor our wisdom and strength, and to celebrate the nurturing power of the feminine. Through this journey, we can restore balance and bring healing to our world, one step at a time.

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